About the producer, DIANA CAMPBELL

Diana Campbell provides commercial real estate services and consultation to private businesses and business owners. She began her career in Atlanta with KW Commercial and in 2020 transitioned to Dudley Thomas Spade (DT Spade). Though Ms. Campbell has managed deals ranging from religious facilities to medical buildings, she is keenly focused on office/industrial assets in South Metro Atlanta, and serving the logistics and transportation sectors.

Prior to real estate in Atlanta, Ms. Campbell was a non-profit executive in the Philadelphia area. With a Master’s degree in mathematics, Ms. Campbell worked for 16 years in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics [STEM] education sector, fostering STEM career and learning opportunities for high school students, career-shifting professionals, and mathematics doctoral candidates. As a Senior Partner at DTSpade, Ms. Campbell marries her rich leadership experience, relationship building and institutional collaboration with DTSpade’s capacity for highly specialized market analysis and brokerage expertise.

Ms. Campbell holds a B.S. and M.S. in mathematics from Spelman College and Rutgers University respectively.  She produces a podcast, called Insider Insights, a reflection of guiding principles in her real estate transactions: Integrity to process, respect to communities, conviction to close deals.  Other organizational affiliations include, but are not limited to, The Atlanta Black Chambers, GA CCIM, the Buckhead Business Association and SpelHouse Small Business Alliance. She is one of two founding members of BNI Global Connectors – now an online networking group but will meet in the Airport region post COVID. The BNI Global Connectors is a great place to network with Diana and get to know her better:

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What made you want to produce a podcast?

The short story – I wanted to learn about the businesses and  leaders in an interesting and important region that was evolving and redeveloping economically. But there’s a much longer version to this story…..

I relocated to Atlanta, Spring of 2016, newly minted real estate sales associate with ambition to become a commercial real estate broker. I had been given some great concrete advice: The first was to find a mentor. Check ! I found a wonderful woman to be my mentor at KW Commercial. Her name is Cheryl Gosa and her real estate focus was on religious facilities. I loved historic buildings and helping good people carry out their mission and vision.  It was a great opportunity to get started learning how to manage and execute real estate deals while I carving out my own nitche.

The second piece of advices was to find a nitche. Check ! I already knew I wanted to specialize in warehouses but I didn’t yet know how vast or how important the Industrial asset was to Atlanta and South metro until I connected with my Spelman Morehouse tribe. Literally within one week, three small exchanges set me on my course: I met a Morehouse brother, Daraka Satcher, who pointed me toward Aerotropolis and encouraged me to learn more. After 25 years, I reconnected with my Spelman sister, Kirsten Lollis, was living in College Park and she took me on a driving tour of the area. And around the same time I was hanging with another Spelman sister, Jeanna Bailey of Floral Matters. She lived off of metropolitan highway. One morning I went for what I thought was going to be a quick cup of coffee and 10 minutes later wound up on dogwood and Central Ave in Hapeville. I was so confused why it took that long to find coffee on Metropolitan but at the same time stumbled upon this gem of a community. After connecting the dots with Aerotropolis, I staked my claim – The airport region is going to be the community that I know and serve and do real estate deals.

So how do I do that? I had no idea, I was just following advice. They told me what to do but now exactly how.  How would I ever be able transact on warehouse in the airport region? No one I knew owned or worked in a warehouse. My background was not in construction or anything that required warehousing. My family and friends were not supply chain or logistics professionals. My academic background – math, nonprofit leadership, education programing  – was practically useless, or was it?

Prior to arriving in Atlanta, I was a nonprofit executive within a national workforce development organization. Our Friday ritual was to have a guest speaker inpire young people. Executives would  tell the their personal professional journey. It was supposed to be for the young folks but Friday became my day too. As excited as I was about my new career, I missed Fridays. So I thought, hmmm why not create our own Friday experience and so Insider Insights was conceived.

Beyond inspiration for myself and others,  I needed to learn a lot about the airport region if I was to fashion myself an expert.  I knew I’d be able to serve clients well if I was informed and resourceful – that means meeting a lot of people. Lastly, since I aimed to work in the region, I wanted to give something back to it. Insider Insights champions the business and initiatives  that are the heart of the region’s economic vitality. These are stories that should be told, archived and remembered. Insider Insights is my gift.

Over the four years since launching my career and the podcast, much as evolved. I’ve been through at least 3 different logos for the show art. The sound quality has evolved along with music, introduction, commercials and such. It’s been hosted on 3 different platforms and I’m still learning how to be a bona fide podcast producer. But what have done consistently well, now 140 interviews in  –  great people, concise interviews, relevant information and resources for folks in business!

As to real estate, I have indeed become an industrial specialist.  Who do you know that needs to buy, sell or lease industrial real estate in Atlanta?